Thom Hartle
Mar 13, 2017

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet is a combination of market quotes and dynamic ranking. There is a Symbols tab where you can enter the symbols and the parameter for decimal formatting, or you can enter B for bonds and fractions. You can set the... more

Thom Hartle
Mar 06, 2017

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet pulls market data from CQG Integrated Client or CQG QTrader. There is a Symbols tab where you can enter the symbols, the parameter for decimal formatting, and the title for each group of quotes on the main... more

Mar 02, 2017
Footprints allow you to see inside the chart

In this webinar, Trevor Harnett answered the question of why some traders always seem to have a better read on the market.

He presented:

What Footprints are How Footprints help traders... more
Andy Hecht
Mar 01, 2017

The trading range in crude oil has been narrow since the middle of December 2016. From high to low since December 19, the price of active month NYMEX crude oil futures have traded in a range of only $4.53 per barrel. Considering that there were... more

Thom Hartle
Feb 27, 2017

This article shows RTD formulas for pulling values into Microsoft Excel® that are a study applied to a study.

A common use of Excel with CQG is to pull in study data, such as the average true range study:

= RTD("cqg.rtd",,"... more

Marcus Kwan
Feb 24, 2017
CQG M on Phones Heatmap view for quotes: Experience dynamic real-time data visualization. Chart Custom time intervals: Enter custom intraday time intervals on charts. Trading Improved drag & drop HOT order placement: Click and drag to... more
Feb 23, 2017
CQG, a global provider of high-performance trade routing, reliable market data, and advanced technical analysis tools, announced today that it will launch connectivity to the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) for futures trading. Through the new... more
Thom Hartle
Feb 22, 2017

This macro-enabled Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet presents a ten-by-ten correlation matrix, a scattergram chart of the correlations by row, and frequency distribution charts of the correlations. In addition, twenty versions using a different city... more

Thom Hartle
Feb 13, 2017

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard scans the options on the natural gas (Globex) futures market for volume and ranks the volume traded for each expiry out sixteen months. The scan covers options traded ten strikes above and below the at-the-money... more

Thom Hartle
Feb 08, 2017

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays 90-day bank bills and exchange-traded spreads traded on ASX. The inside market for the front six contracts is detailed along the top. The open, high, low, and last, along with the net change, volume, and... more