Sep 22, 2016

Mark B. Fisher, founder and CEO of MBF Clearing Corp, is one of the industry's leading traders and technical analysts.

CQG is excited to offer, in conjunction with Mark Fisher, the MBF Chart. MBF Charts incorporate Renko-style bricks on a... more

Sep 22, 2016

Hybrid Order Ticket is our newest order-entry method that incorporates components of other order-entry screens, including DOMTrader and Order Ticket. You can keep the display clean or add more functions to maximize your trading style.​

*... more

Sep 21, 2016

Mark B. Fisher Chart on CQG

In this live webinar, Mark B. Fisher discusses how he uses his new Fisher Bar Indicator within the context of his ACD trading methodology. ACD is a trading methodology developed by Mark Fisher and detailed in... more

Thom Hartle
Sep 15, 2016

The Microsoft Excel® RTD Studies sample offers a collection of RTD CQG study formulas applied to the Bar chart type. If you want to use other chart types, such as no gap or constant volume bars, then the solution is to include the chart type in... more

Sep 13, 2016

Join us at the most widely-attended derivatives event of the year!

Visit CQG at the 32nd Annual FIA Futures & Options Expo in Chicago. Stop by booth 326 to view our latest features, including:

Split Quote Board CQG... more
Andy Hecht
Sep 02, 2016

Natural gas was one of the dogs of 2016. The commodity's price reached a low of $1.6110 per MMBtu in March, the lowest price since 1998. There were many reasons for the price swoon. Discoveries of quadrillions of cubic feet of gas in the... more

Aug 31, 2016

This Dow Jones News newsletter highlights some of the top coverage from Dow Jones' newsrooms around the world. The newsletter's focus is Resources, and coverage highlights include:

Market-moving news : Praxair and Linde consider a merger... more
Aug 31, 2016

CQG Integrated Client and CQG QTrader customers have complimentary access to Dow Jones Calendar of Events from August 29th through October 28th.

What is it?

Calendar of Events, part of our Dow Jones news and events package, is an elegant... more

Thom Hartle
Aug 23, 2016

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard offers a two-window view for tracking market performance. The top half displays market data using symbols such as indices, stocks and futures that the user enters on the symbols tab. The bottom half has four stock... more

Aug 17, 2016

Turn bullish positions into bearish positions in a single transaction.

In this webinar, market wizard Tony Saliba shows you how to take advantage of the flexibility of trading options by studying volatility and the Greeks in order to... more