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Calling DOM Data Using RTD

Oct 11, 2017
There is an RTD call for depth-of-market (DOM) data for futures markets. You call the DOM data by symbol and queue number. You can pull the bid or ask price, bid or ask volume, and the time of the last update. The best ask price for the symbol EP (the E-mini S&P 500) is queue 1: =RTD("cqg.rtd",,"DOMData","EP","Price","1","T") For the amount of contracts offered at the best ask, use: =RTD("cqg.rtd",,"DOMData","EP","Volume","1","D") And for the time of the latest update, use: =RTD("cqg.rtd",,"DOMData","EP","Time","1","T") You must format the... more

Natural Gas Market, Spreads, and Strips Dashboard

Oct 06, 2017
This Microsoft Excel® dashboard has three tabs. The first tab displays today’s market quotes, volume, and open interest data. If the last price is matching the open price, then the open price is highlighted blue. If the last price is within one tick or equal to the high, then the high is colored green. If the last price is within one tick or equal to the low, then the low is colored red. The second tab displays 1- through 6-month calendar spreads. The dashboard offers the ability to enter a date to compare where the same calendar spreads were trading. You can enter... more

CQG M Version 2.17

Oct 02, 2017
Charts Added space between current bar and price scale Crosshairs for mobile mode Quotes New study column: Today's net change compared to the 20-day average true range Improved symbol list workflow Trading Market buttons always available on HOT Comments column added to Download fill report More Details and How to Access the New Features Chart Crosshairs in Mobile Mode Tap the crosshairs icon in the upper left of the chart. The icon will turn to a blue color, indicating that crosshairs mode is on. Moving your finger on the chart body area will now... more

Q3 2017 Winners and Losers and a Look Ahead to Q4

Oct 02, 2017
The dollar index moved lower by 2.66% in the third quarter of 2017, and commodities prices moved higher with four of the six major sectors posting gains. Out of the 29 commodities that I follow, 20 posted gains during the three-month period that ended last Friday, September 29. Commodities watched as the dollar declined, but the prospects for higher interest rates likely kept the market in check. A weak dollar tends to be bullish for raw material prices, but higher real interest rates increase the cost of carrying inventories of commodities. A Winning Quarter During the period from July... more

CQG’s Thom Hartle to Present at The Global Macro Edge Series on November 2 in Las Vegas

Sep 29, 2017
Thom Hartle, Director of Application Services at CQG, will be presenting at The Global Macro Edge Series on Thursday, November 2, at The Las Vegas Traders Expo. The Global Macro Edge Series is a one-day event bringing together the contributors of the book, The Global Macro Edge: Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk. John Netto, the author of the book, is a long-time CQG client. The Global Macro Edge features CQG, as well as Netto’s collaboration with Thom Hartle throughout the book. Thom Hartle used his expertise of Excel and CQG  real-time data to customize a number of dashboards that... more

CQG Releases New Functionality and Features, Including Care Orders for Hedge Management

Sep 27, 2017
CQG Releases New Features CHICAGO / DENVER, Sept. 27, 2017 – CQG, a leading global provider of high-performance trade routing, market data, and technical analysis tools, announced today a new release of its latest functionality enhancements. This also marks the beginning of a new quarterly release schedule, in addition to CQG’s annual upgrade. CQG’s Chief Technology Officer John Arvanites said: “CQG is continually improving our product suite of superior data, analytics, and trading tools to offer more of the features market participants need and want. This latest release, featuring... more

Calling Bid Ask Data using RTD

Sep 25, 2017
CQG charts have a setting called the BATS Charts Preferences. Here, you select what data to use to build the chart. You can use the default setting where the chart is built using trade and settlement data. You can uncheck Use default and elect to build the chart using best bid and best ask data. This is helpful when you are charting deferred contracts that do not trade very often but new bids and asks are being placed in the exchange’s order matching engine. For example, to see just the bids and asks for data, uncheck Use default and select Bid and Ask.... more

Globex Crude Oil Forward Curves with Historical Data

Sep 21, 2017
This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet presents Globex crude oil market data and forward curves, both current and historical. The data includes outrights and exchange-traded calendar spreads using these months: one, three, six, nine, and twelve. You enter in the month, day, and year​ at the top of the dashboard. You can pull in historical closes as far back as 300 trading days. The historical forward curves use wildcard symbols and the standard rollover-at-expiration continuation setting. The closes are not equalized. The red lines on the forward curve charts are the historical closes... more

Join Us at the FIA Expo

Sep 19, 2017
    Visit CQG at the 33rd Annual FIA Futures & Options Expo in Chicago.  Stop by booth 326 to see the latest from CQG, including: What's new in CQG products CQG tools for Excel  CQG goes mobile   Register  

RTD: The Fastest Way to Find Market Data Labels

Sep 08, 2017
Customers who use Microsoft Excel® when following the markets can easily populate their Excel spreadsheet with RTD formulas using CQG's Quote SpreadSheet (QSS) 2.0. To open QSS 2.0, click the Quote button on the application toolbar, then click QSS 2.0. A QSS 2.0 prepopulated with quote columns opens. If you do not see the market data column you wish to copy to Excel, you can add a column using the steps outlined in our online help. Once you have added the column you want, you simply right-click the cell and click Copy to Excel. The RTD formula is now on the... more

What's New in CQG M Version 2.16

Sep 08, 2017
Charts New studies: Pivot points for showing support and resistance levels Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Quotes New QSS column: Today's volume compared to the 20-day moving average of volume Split QB: New style, Quote + DOM, default column sizing for orders and positions Trading Download today's fill report More Details and How to Access the New Features New Studies The new Pivot Points and VWAP studies can be accessed from the +Study dialog. New Volume Comparison Column in QSS Today's volume compared to the 20-day... more

User-Defined Strategies (UDS) Spreads Dashboard

Aug 25, 2017
This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays market quotes for tradable UDS for the crude oil contract traded on Globex. There is also a quote display with at-the-money (ATM) calls and puts with one strike below the ATM and three strikes above the ATM. Finally, there are two histogram charts displaying frequency distribution for symbols CLECIV and CLEPIV (implied volatility). The current implied volatility is highlighted as a green bar for calls and a red bar for puts. The colored bars indicate where the current implied volatility is relative to the closing implied volatility values... more

Jim Wyckoff's Monthly Market Outlook

Aug 23, 2017
Watch this webinar recording to see Jim Wyckoff examine the technical aspect of short-term and long-term analytical charts for all major futures and forex markets, including support and resistance levels that are likely to impact price action in the near term.  Jim also covers: Major market fundamentals  Trading tactics  Educational elements    View Now Presenter:  Jim Wyckoff is the proprietor of the "Jim Wyckoff on the Markets" analytical and education markets advisory service. He is also a senior analyst... more

Jim Wyckoff's Markets Outlook

Aug 23, 2017
Join our live webinar, hosted by Jim Wyckoff, to examine the technical aspect of short-term and long-term analytical charts for all major futures and forex markets, including support and resistance levels that are likely to impact price action in the near term.  Jim will also cover: Major market fundamentals  Trading tactics  Educational elements  Jim's mission for this webinar is to have traders take away several valuable concepts that will move them up the ladder of trading success. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A with Jim.   Date:... more