What's New in CQG Desktop Version 2.11


  • Thermometer on QSS: Added the thermometer to the symbol column in the QSS style
  • Color cells in all quote styles: You can now mark a quote with color
  • Option to launch HOT or OT from the Buy/Sell buttons in the quotes toolbar


  • Tooltips on session markers
  • Coming soon: Study parameters


  • Bid/Ask columns are now separate by default
  • Show Cancel/Go Flat buttons for single-click access

We welcome your feedback and input on what will continue to make CQG M an essential part of your trading workflow.

How to Access the New Features

Thermometer on QSS

  • Thermometers are now in each symbol cell on QSS.

Color cells in all quote styles

  • Select a quote cell.
  • In the toolbar, tap on the ink drop icon. It will open a color palette.
  • Select the desired color. In QSS, the background of the selected quote cell will become that color.

  • In other quote boards, the quote nugget will be outlined in your selected color.

HOT/OT popup from quotes toolbar

  • When tapping the Buy/Sell buttons from the toolbar on a quote board, both HOT and the Order Ticket widget are available via tabs.
  • Your preference will be remembered next time you launch the dialog.
  • The account selected in the quotes widget toolbar will be used in the dialog.

Tooltips on session markers

  • Hover your mouse over a session marker to see session information for that time.

HOT Bid/Ask columns and Cancel/Go Flat buttons

  • In the widget task menu, separate bids and asks is now on by default.
  • The Show Cancel All/Go Flat button is available there also.

As always, we hope that these updates help improve your trading experience. We are continually working to better your CQG M experience. We invite you to provide feedback on features that you like or want via our CQG Forums site.

Happy Trading!
The CQG M Team