Learn the Benefits of Footprint® Charts

Footprints allow you to see inside the chart

In this webinar, Trevor Harnett answered the question of why some traders always seem to have a better read on the market.

He presented:

  • What Footprints are
  • How Footprints help traders
  • Practical methods for using Footprints in various markets, including spreads

Trevor showed some unique and specific patterns that become evident with Footprints and Footprint-based studies, including:

  • Buy and sell order flow imbalances at turning points
  • Identifying large lot traders - large traders leave bigger "prints"
  • Identifying stop activity - Footprints help you track down stops
  • Thin spots - what they are and how to trade them
  • Using the Footprint on spreads

Footprints complement any strategy and time frame.

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Trevor Harnett is founder and CEO of MarketDelta. Trevor got his start as a CME member who traded off the floor in the early days of electronic trading. He soon realized that trading solely from the screen lacked transparency, something the floor offered more of. As a result, the Footprint Chart was born upstairs at the CME as a way for traders to have price and volume of every trade organized on a chart. Trevor has his M.S. in Financial Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.