CQG Version of the Year is here

CQG Version of the Year is available for download on the CQG website


Here is a list of just some of the new features available in CQG Version of the Year.

Free End of Day Data

The industry leader in data and analytics now offers free End-of-Day data to our customers.  Early adopters say they like seeing end of day data for exchanges they were not enabled to see before because it helps them look for correlation between similar markets and identify new trade opportunities. CQG offers traders an edge with our powerful data and analytics. Learn more about which Exchanges are included.

Server Side Bracket Orders

Bracket Orders give our customers an added level of security, allowing you to set your profit and loss targets around an order to protect the price you’re looking for as the market moves.

OTC Block Trades

NFX & CQG are bringing back the power of the floor with an anonymous RFQ Block System.  Customers can post and respond to block orders away from the exchange order book, protecting against over exposure and guaranteeing a price for your order.    Order matching occurs on CQG’s internal matching core and fills are reported by CQG to the end user and posted to the exchange for clearing and market data purposes.

For Excel Users

CQG offers two new studies and a new chart type. The XL Real-Time study (XLRT) allows you to specify a cell from an Excel sheet and import live data from that cell into CQG IC for charting and analysis or trading. The XL Time Series Study (XLTS) allows you to pull into CQG live and historical data for charting analysis, auto trading and more.  The XL Time Series Chart type enables you display a bar chart using imported data from Excel. Display the data on a real-time basis in CQG for charting, auto trading and more.

Trade System enhancements

Order Duration now available in Formula Builder for Trade Systems.

Three Additional Moving Average Types

Three moving average types have been added to the moving average study: Median, Trix and Exponential Hull Moving Average.

Estimated Place in the Queue

CQG offers an estimate regarding where your orders are in the queue to be executed at a given price.


Important Notes:

  • Requires .Net Framework 4.6 or higher
  • CQG Version 2019 does not support Windows Vista or Windows XP.
  • CQG 2019 no longer supports DDE.  Only RTD is supported.
  • Password requirements have changed.  Passwords must include at least 8 characters, alpha and numeric characters, at least one special character, and both upper and lower case.
  • Customers using Algo order samples should upgrade to the latest versions for 2019 available here.