Calling DOM Data Using RTD

There is an RTD call for depth-of-market (DOM) data for futures markets. You call the DOM data by symbol and queue number. You can pull the bid or ask price, bid or ask volume, and the time of the last update.

The best ask price for the symbol EP (the E-mini S&P 500) is queue 1:


For the amount of contracts offered at the best ask, use:


And for the time of the latest update, use:


You must format the cells in Excel to use time. This sample spreadsheet formats the time column using minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second.

The best bid for symbol EP (the E-mini S&P 500) is queue -1:


For the amount of contracts bid at the best bid, use:


And for the time of the latest update, use:


CME limits the number of DOM data queue levels for the E-mini S&P to the best ask and nine queues above the best ask (1 through 10):


 and nine queues below the best bid (-1 through -10):


Other markets may not have a limit on the number of queue levels.

This sample spreadsheet has two versions of the RTD calls for DOM data. The first version is hard coded for the symbol and the queue level, such as:


The second version is linked to cell H2 for the symbols and to column H for the queue levels:


You can change the symbols and add additional queue levels.

The second version also includes a RTD call for the Footprint Operator, which calls the current traded volume by price. The price data is the data in column I:

=IFERROR(RTD("cqg.rtd",,"StudyData","FPVol(FootprintOp ("&$H$2&", 0),"&I12&")", "Bar",, "Close","D","0","all",,,,"T"),"")

The RTD call is wrapped with an IFERROR function. If the data is momentarily unavailable, the cell is blank instead of displaying an #NA error. This particular volume data requires the Footprint® by Market Delta Enablement. A trial is available.

Requires CQG Integrated Client or CQG QTrader and Excel 2010 or more recent.


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