Thom Hartle

Four new chart types have been added to CQG. This article details the RTD formulas for calling market and study data into Excel using these new chart types. The chart types are:

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View this webinar to learn about the new CQG Toolkit for Excel. Backed by CQG's WebAPI, this add-in allows you to pull real-time market information and your orders and positions data via the… more

Andy Hecht

Volatility is an investor's nightmare, but at the same time, it is a seasoned trader's paradise. During the final weeks of August, markets are traditionally quiet. As the vacation season ends,… more

Thom Hartle

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet is a modified version of the Dynamically Ranked SPDR® ETFs Dashboard. This version allows you to enter in the symbols you want using the symbols tab. The top… more

This Dow Jones News newsletter highlights some of the top coverage from Dow Jones' newsrooms around the world. The newsletter's focus is Resources, and coverage highlights include:

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Joseph Souhlakis

Since May 2015, October natural gas has been rotating within a 2640-to-3013 balance bracket. During that time, the market has traded up near the top and down near the bottom of the range several… more

Thom Hartle

This spreadsheet shows you the RTD formulas for pulling historical data into Microsoft Excel® by using dates and time. The sample spreadsheet pulls the closing price and the value of the RSI study… more

Provides ultra-low latency access to Australian futures and options markets

Sydney, August 24, 2015 - CQG today announced direct market access to ASX 24 ITCH™, the Australian Securities… more

In partnership with Capital Markets Research (CMR), CQG has expanded our suite of CMR’s ATM studies. These studies are used to analyze potential entries and exits, assess price… more

This new study, added to the suite of Order Book Analytics, detects hidden volume (iceberg orders) on the market. Algo Orders uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate order count and volume… more