Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices fell for the first week in nine as continued tensions on the Russian Ukrainian border which appear to be poised for rapid escalation to an invasion were offset by apparent… more

Thom Hartle

This post walks you through using Microsoft® Excel’s Indirect function and other Excel features to make usable Quote Dashboards. The provided sample Excel spreadsheet is unlocked.

Consider… more

Yra Harris

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey made a ridiculous comment almost two weeks ago and I’d be remiss not to mention it. Bailey issued his own FORWARD GUIDANCE on how to slow the pace of… more

Tim McCourt


The maturation of cryptocurrencies has led to increased adoption of crypto products, including regulated and centrally cleared crypto derivatives With sustainable investments set… more
Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices increased for an eighth consecutive week, touching eight year highs as reports released on Friday
afternoon from numerous mainstream media outlets stated that Russia had… more

The UDS functionality has been significantly updated with many more strategies and the ability to filter the Strategy Analysis window to list those suitable for trading at the CME, those… more

Previous versions of CQG IC and QTrader cleared daily market values, such as open, high, low, and close from quote displays and the daily value for a chart when a particular market closed and… more

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Micro futures contracts, available at CME Group, provide market participants an efficient and cost effective way to gain exposure to a variety of markets. These smaller-sized… more

Helmut Mueller

As some kind of review for the last year, I would like to present a few indicators that were coded partly as customer requests or my own research. We had something similar a few years ago: https… more

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Controlling risk while trading takes many forms. It starts with properly selecting which markets to trade, then moves on to decisions about allocating capital and taking… more