New in CQG M v2.1

Thank you all for your feedback and support for CQG M. 

Since our CQG M update just over a month ago, our usage numbers have been stronger than ever and we have received great feedback. We are happy to announce updates coming today that are largely based on your feedback. Here are some of the changes for phones:

These are live on stage now and going live on production later this afternoon:

  • Show open, high, low on the quoteboard. Now you can tap on the last, bid, or ask in the quoteboard and toggle between three views.​
  • 15-minute charts are now a choice in the chart time frame dropdown. (Also available on desktops and tablets.)
  • Also, we added the working orders and positions line back to the Hybrid Order Ticket (HOT) so you can more easily manage your orders.​
  • New modify orders dialog where you can see your order's price in relation to bid/ask​. As you change the price of your order, the bid/ask will be displayed in relation to your order. (Also available on desktops and tablets.)​
  • Liquidate and reverse positions.
  • HOT will remember order sizes per symbol.
  • Logging in from your iPad will now use a modified desktop layout to make better use of screen real estate.
  • On your phone and tablet, tapping the back button in the browser will navigate to the previous screen, not to the login screen.

We hope these changes are useful to you. The team has been working hard to provide you the best CQG experience. As always, we want to hear your feedback. 

If you have any questions or issues, please hit the feedback button on the login screen or e-mail us at