New in CQG M 2.6: Next Gen Analytics - Volume Comparison Infographic

In CQG M version 2.6 on the desktop, the Volume Comparison widget has been updated.

The Volume Comparison widget consolidates volume information and provides greater market transparency by employing several volume studies to a single infographic.

It compares current volume at this time to:

  • volume at this time for the previous 10 days
  • total volume for the previous 10 days

On a more granular level, it compares:

  • the current 5-minute bar to the previous two 5-minute bars
  • 3 bars from today to the same 3 bars at this time for the last 10 days

Additionally, this widget highlights the bar and displays conditional text when the market action warrants. It hides conditional text and colors when the action in volume is not significant. This is an exciting development for CQG data visualization and technical analysis. The integration provides analytics at a glance.

This widget was inspired by Thom Hartle’s data visualization work.

You can check out the update by logging into or In a quote board, go to the task menu and make sure Show Details is on. Then select the Volume tab. In future versions, this volume comparison will become its own widget.