Auto-Trading Spreads and Outrights

In this webinar, CQG Product Specialist Manager Jim Stavros demos CQG AutoTrader.

CQG AutoTrader is a proprietary trading execution engine that allows customers to simultaneously execute numerous systems at once with equal precision and discipline.

The demonstration covers:

  • Building strategies with the formula builder
  • Backtesting and optimizing those strategies
  • Setting up auto-trading
  • Monitoring auto-trade positions efficiently
  • Using QFormulas to auto-trade spreads
  • Setting CQG Spreader parameters to assure accurate execution of spreads


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Learn more about our backtesting and autotrading features through Helmut Mueller's coding blog.
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Jim Stavros, CQG Product Specialist Manager, specializes in black-box system programming in CQG. His talents include development of custom studies, conditions, and trade systems for use in CQG AutoTrader. Stavros is an expert in Microsoft Excel®-based RTD. Jim Stavros joined CQG in August 2005. A veteran trader of twenty-nine years, Stavros is a member of CME, where he specializes in trading a variety of commodities.