Edge Zones: Real-Time Support and Resistance

Everyone sets their lines in the sand before the market opens, but wouldn't you love to have some automatically update in real time? View our recorded webinar with Anthony Drager to learn about Edge Zones.

During this webinar, Anthony Drager explains:

  • What Edge Zones are
  • How to find them
  • Why these zones are some of the best S/R levels you will see
  • How to apply them to multiple markets
  • What it means to show in real-time where the near-term S/R will be
  • How to use them across multiple time frames


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Anthony Drager began his career as a CME clerk, then went to become a CBOT member before being hired at one of Chicago's bigger prop groups, International Trading Group (ITG). Anthony created these levels from his many years of trading with the Market Delta Footprint.