Recorded Webinar

Nov 19, 2015

Leading up to the Fed Statement release, Neil Azous, a highly regarded macro strategist, Founder of Rareview Macro, and Author of the Sight Beyond Sight newsletter, gives a rare, behind-the-scenes look at preparing... more

Sep 08, 2015

View this webinar to learn about the new CQG Toolkit for Excel. Backed by CQG's WebAPI, this add-in allows you to pull real-time market information and your orders and positions data via the Internet into Excel.

Director of Product... more

Jun 17, 2015

In this webinar, Marcus Kwan shares exciting new CQG M features. Mr. Kwan demonstrates how it's easier than ever to monitor and trade the markets from your phone. See these features in action:

Charting HOT (Hybrid Order Ticket)

CQG M is... more

May 11, 2015

Watch this webinar to see how Mr. Borish trades consolidated breakouts using CQG Integrated Client. It's one thing to derive a buy or sell signal, but it's another to filter out the noise of the data to improve your expected value for a... more

Feb 20, 2015

Behavioral and brain research is revealing that the two main factors in great trading lie in how traders use their qualitative judgments.

Predicting others and understanding oneself are the keys to better intuiting markets and... more

Feb 20, 2015

View this webinar recording to see why the CQG and Eris combination is right for you.

Learn about trading Eris Exchange Interest Rate Swap Futures through CQG. The webinar includes an overview of:

Eris and the product design Eris... more
Dec 19, 2014

Learn how to automatically execute systems in a fast and systematic way.

Watch Jim Stavros and Doug Janson demonstrate CQG AutoTrader in CQG Integrated Client and API.

The webinar:

Shows how to set up a trade system Showcases... more
Sep 15, 2014

The best traders often combine a complex blend of art and science in formulating their trading decisions.

Professional trader and longtime CQG customer John Netto demonstrates how he combines his Netto Numbers Dashboard - best and worst... more

Aug 14, 2014

Watch this webinar recording with Michael Martin and Scott Kaminski to learn how to create a dedicated action plan for entering and exiting trades.

Using CQG Integrated Client, they show how to design a plan that you can consistently... more

Jul 16, 2014

Take your trading skills to the next level with CQG Product Specialist Helmut Mueller.Building upon his extensive experience, Mueller presents a thorough explanation of the advanced tools available in CQG Integrated Client. He shows you how to:... more