Jan 22, 2018

Mark your calendar for our next AMA event!

Date: January 30, 2018

Time: 2:30 p.m. CT

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask our product specialists to build your custom studies in real time during this live video... more

Marcus Kwan
Jan 16, 2018
Quotes Improved process for adding and editing symbols on quote boards Improved experience when managing lists Added VWAP column in QSS Charts Added ability to show/hide session breaks as vertical lines Added ability to show/hide study parameters... more
Thom Hartle
Jan 12, 2018

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays market data for eight user-selected symbols. The symbols must be entered in uppercase format.

The dashboard displays the following data:

Long description Price with the largest traded... more
Thom Hartle
Jan 05, 2018

Customers using our flagship product, CQG Integrated Client (CQG IC), have access to a new study called Algo Orders. Using a proprietary algorithm, this indicator of trading activity detects and exposes hidden volume (iceberg orders) in the... more

Jan 05, 2018

Visit the CQG booth at the 10th Argus Americas Crude Summit to learn more about the following:

Fully integrated trading Standard and smart order types Real-time and historical data across multiple asset classes CQG APIs

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Jan 03, 2018

See how you can enhance your trading by learning trading tactics from Jim Wyckoff. In this webinar recording, Mr. Wyckoff examines the technical aspect of short-term and long-term analytical charts for all major futures and forex markets,... more

Thom Hartle
Jan 02, 2018

CQG offers an Implied Volatility (ImpVol) study that allows you to pull in historical implied volatility data onto a chart. ImpVol is not the implied volatility of one particular option. CQG uses the outright contract symbol from the chart and... more

Andy Hecht
Jan 02, 2018

The dollar index moved lower by 1.14% in the fourth quarter of 2017, and commodities prices moved higher with five of the six major sectors posting gains. Out of the 29 commodities that I follow, 16 posted gains during the three-month period that... more

Marcus Kwan
Dec 16, 2017
Quotes Improved tooltips when hovering over symbols in QSS and in the heatmap style Added columns for contract month and month/year in QSS Trading Added the option to set order size defaults for individual commodities Native spread leg prices are... more
Dec 15, 2017
Ask Me Anything (AMA) Live Event

CQG is hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) Event. Ask our product specialists to build your custom studies in real time during this live video presentation and interactive chat session located in CQG Forums.... more