Wheat: Will Problems in Ukraine Affect Prices in 2014?

Prior to the release of the July US Department of Agriculture's monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, I posted the article, Grains: A Contrarian Play? In that article, I stated that soybeans, corn, and wheat were...Read>>

Heat Calendar Spread Approaching an Important Reference

Over the past three weeks, the August/September heating oil spread has been contained within a -108 to -155 balance bracket. On Friday, July 18, 2014, the market came within five ticks of the balance bracket highbefore selling off and...Read>>

RBOB Crack Contained within a Four-Day Balance

Over the past three weeks, the short-term trend in the August RBOB crack has been down. During the past four days, the crack has come into short-term balance, rotating within a 2090-to-2188-balance-bracket range. From Wednesday, July 9, 2014 to...Read>>

Grains: A Contrarian Play?

Very often commodity prices take the stairs up and the elevator down. Recently, grains have taken the express elevator. The prices of soybeans, corn, and wheat have plummeted over recent weeks. New crop November soybeans were trading at $12.4625...Read>>

QuantFORUM Features CQG's Ryan Moroney on Mobile Technology

In his QuantFORUM article, Untethering Traders from Their Desks, CQG Product Manager Ryan Moroney shares his perspective on mobile technology in the trading industry. He answers the question, "How can the trading industry capitalize on the rise of mobile...Read>>

Early-Onset Trend Indicator

For this month's Traders' Tips, we provide CQG code for the Early-Onset Trend Indicator, described in the August 2014 Stocks and Commodities Magazine article, The Quotient Transformation by John F. Ehlers. Study Code /*Early-Onset Trend Indicator by John F....Read>>

S&P Reaches Major Long-Term Upside Target

The bull market is now in its fifth year. Having overcome many potential geopolitical hiccups, it has left bears severely damaged as retracements have actually become shallower the higher the price. However, last week saw the S&P 500 reach...Read>>

Video Analysis: S&P 500 Future Escapes Key Resistance

September S&P 500 future above 1,938 objective and also accelerating through 1,971... 2,000 next? Even with the mixed international and weakish US economic data Tuesday morning, the US equities felt it was time to violate near-term topping activity to...Read>>

Backtesting Special: Optimizing Time

After we looked into some time frame considerations in my last article, the next logical question is to ask if CQG can "optimize time." CQG Trade System Optimizer (TSO) does not allow us to optimize a trade system by...Read>>

Gold Coiling for a Breakout

On Thursday, June 19, 2014, August gold futures gapped open higher, trended up all day, and settled about 400 points higher than the previous day. Over the course of the next six days, the market came into balance and...Read>>
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