What's New in CQG IC 2014: Renko Charts

A Renko chart is constructed of bricks. A brick is created each time the market price exceeds the top or bottom of the previous brick by an amount set in preferences. This is a non-time-based chart. In addition, wicks...Read>>

June/July Heating Oil Calendar Spread Contained in the Center of a Month-Long Balance

Over the past twenty-three trading days, the June/July heating oil calendar spread has been contained within a relatively tight +3 to 45 balance bracket. Additionally, the past three trading day ranges (April 9 to 11, 2014) have been almost...Read>>

Retirement of Windows XP Support

Beginning with version 15, CQG Integrated Client software cannot be installed on PCs running the Windows XP operating system. CQG IC version 15 is due to be released in 2015. CQG is making this change in response to Microsoft's...Read>>

CQG Trading Platform Now Live on ASX Net

Sydney, 9 April 2014 - CQG recently announced that its industry-leading trading products are now available to its customers via ASX Net. CQG's primary platform is deployed on the robust financial market network allowing customers to receive services directly...Read>>

Cable Poised to End its Sideways Motion

The past six weeks or so have seen the Cable contract become trapped in a slow and moribund sideways trend with volatility dropping substantially. Yesterday saw the largest one-day range since mid-February, with its directional movement posting a rare...Read>>

High Frequency Traders and You

As a devoted CQG trader, investor, portfolio manager, hedger, etc., how does high frequency trading (HFT) affect the way you do business? Some might say that you can't get a good fill at your price, while others have just...Read>>

CQG Announces CQG FX, Expands FX Liquidity with DirectFX and First Derivatives

This press release announced CQG's partnership with DirectFX and First Derivatives as well as the CQG FX trading platform. By opening access to DirectFX via First Derivatives' Delta Flow platform, the partnership expands FX liquidity available to CQG customers....Read>>

Backtesting Tip: Renko Charts

In CQG Integrated Client version of the year, CQG 2014, we have introduced four new chart types: Heikin-Ashi, sub-minute bar, range bar, and Renko. In this article, we will look at Renko charts. A Renko chart is a non-time-based...Read>>

Video Analysis: Equities Topped for Now

This is a pointed view of how the S&P 500 had maintained its uptrend into questionable data, yet evolved into a significant failure on Friday. We had a clear view that the June S&P 500 future would likely swing...Read>>

Natural Gas: An Ignored Issue

It has been a very cold winter across the Great Plains, Midwest and northeastern parts of the United States. As the season gives way to spring, winter's effects will likely be felt in the months ahead, particularly when it...Read>>
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