SoVesTech Launches Broker Agnostic Mobile App - "TradeShare"

TradeShare - First Robo-Advising App to Connect Investors across Futures & FX Industry Los Angeles, CA July 29, 2015 - SoVesTech, a leading developer of social investment technology today announced the launch of the broker-agnostic TradeShare mobile app. SoVesTech...Read>>

CQG Connects to Nasdaq Energy Futures

Connection offers Direct Market Access to a new suite of futures based on key energy benchmarks CQG will introduce day-one connectivity to Nasdaq Futures (NFX) at launch tomorrow, July 24. NFX is the exchange group's US-based designated contract market...Read>>

Gold Testing a Two-Year Balance Low

For over a year now, gold futures have been contained within an 11304-to-13078 balance bracket. Since January 2015, gold has been contained within an even tighter 11416-to-12320 range. Additionally, each weekly high over the past five weeks is slightly...Read>>

A Major Bottom in the Months Ahead for Silver?

Trend analysis via Step Theory reveals extremes that are rarely breached in any time frame. Below, the green and red studies are tracking uptrends and downtrends in 120-minute time frames. There are two occasions where the uptrend ends around...Read>>

Dow Jones News Highlights: Technology

This Dow Jones News newsletter highlights some of the top coverage from Dow Jones' newsrooms around the world. The newsletter's focus is Technology, and coverage highlights include: Market-moving news on Dish Networks' talks about funding a bid for T-Mobile...Read>>

Q2 Winners and Losers and a Look ahead to Q3

The rally in the US dollar that commenced in May 2014 saw a period of correction and consolidation during the second quarter of 2015. The world's reserve currency has an inverse relationship with commodity prices. In this piece, I...Read>>

Possible Downside Breakout Failure in Crude Oil

For the last two weeks, August crude oil found a relatively tight, 5919-to-6163 rotational trading range. During that time, the market tested the range's extremes several times on each end. However, on Friday, June 26, 2015, crude oil gapped...Read>>

Crude Oil Coiling for a Breakout

In the summer of 2014, Crude began a seven-month, over $50 decline to about $42. However over the past four months, it has slowly traded back above $60, settling near that price on Friday, June 12, 2015. During the...Read>>

A Significant Move May Be Ahead in the RBOB Crack Spread

Over the past ten weeks, the spot RBOB crack spread has come into balance, having a similar weekly range over that span. The 2217-to-2769 balance bracket is in a relatively tight range for a ten-week period in the volatile...Read>>

Dow Jones News Highlight: Resources

This Dow Jones News newsletter highlights some of the top coverage from Dow Jones' newsrooms around the world. The newsletter's focus is Resources, and coverage highlights include: Exclusive news on India's sugar tax, Goldman Sachs coal mines, Aubrey...Read>>
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