Natural Gas Spread Contained within a Three-Day Range

Over the last three weeks, the November/January natural gas spread has been trading within a -151 to -186 range. Additionally, the last three days' trading ranges are almost exactly the same. When a market is contained within such a...Read>>

CQG to Offer New Full Service Connectivity to Eris Exchange

Denver, CO, October 21, 2014 - CQG, Inc. today announced its planned connectivity to Eris Exchange, a US-based futures exchange offering capital efficient interest rate swap futures. The new offering will provide CQG customers with access to Eris' Swap...Read>>

Backtesting Special: Parameters with a Focus on Boolean

CQG's Formula Builder Toolbox gives you the ability to use parameters (variables) inside your CQG code in order to control studies, conditions, and trade systems externally without the need to edit the code anytime you want to change something....Read>>

Crude Oil Attempting a Downside Breakout

On Tuesday, September 30, 2014, November crude oil took out the 9412 three-week balance high and settled above it. However, on the following day, the market failed to gain acceptance above the three-week high and a selloff ensued over...Read>>

Are Silver and Platinum Cheap, or is Gold Expensive?

Strength in the US dollar over the course of the third quarter of 2014 has resulted in lower commodity prices. For many commodities, the quarter that ended yesterday was a perfect storm, a bearish storm. It all started with...Read>>

Dollar Index Breaks Major Resistance

The recent trend in the dollar has been relentless, and by traditional measurements, remained overbought for some time. However, Step Theory states that this is far from the case as the trend continues to move up time frames and...Read>>

Crude Oil within Striking Distance of the Three-Week Balance High

The November crude oil daily value has risen over the past four trading days. The market, however, remains within the 8999-to-9412 three-week balance high. On Friday, September 26, 2014, crude oil spiked higher during the final hour of the...Read>>

CQG Honored as Prop Traders' ISV of the Year

Denver, CO, September 26, 2014 - CQG, Inc. was honored as the Prop Traders' ISV of the Year at FOW's 2014 Awards for Asia. CQG achieved the award as a result of nominations and votes from proprietary traders who...Read>>

Playing the Dead Cat Bounce in Cable

In this article we'll try to help traders who are seeking to participate in short-term countertrend reversal trades. The problem with all reversal setups is that the market can remain overextended for prolonged periods of time and we end...Read>>

Brent Crude Oil Vs. WTI Crude Oil Spread Testing an Important Reference

Over the past six days, the November brent crude oil vs. the WTI crude oil spread has been contained within a -515 to -683 trading range. After trading higher for nine consecutive days, on Friday, September 19, 2014, the...Read>>
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