Continuum Provides Futures Market Data and Trade Routing to Money.Net

Chicago, IL, March 24, 2015 - Continuum, CQG's enterprise API division, today announced its partnership with Money.Net, an online platform for market monitoring and analysis, to provide Money.Net's customers with access to futures market data and futures trading...Read>>

RBOB Calendar Spread Contained within a Tight Range

During the last few weeks, the April/May RBOB calendar spread has formed a rotational range of -78 to +99. However, over the past seven trading days, the trading range has shrunk to 0 to +55. A 55-tick range for...Read>>

A Simple Shortcut to Compare Performance of Two Markets

One of the questions that comes up every now and then is about measuring the performance between two markets. So far since January 2015, DAX and EURO STOXX futures have rallied very strong, but which one is stronger? Unfortunately...Read>>

CME Group Announces 2015 Trading Challenge Winners

This CME Group news release announces the winners of the CQG-sponsored CME Group Trading Challenge. The 12th annual competition for college and university students attracted over 500 teams representing 37 countries. The competitors used CQG Integrated Client to execute...Read>>

Avoid Peaking Ahead on Trade Filters

In this article I want to show how misleading a peak-ahead failure can be on a trading system. I was working on a countertrend system and the backtesting results showed that it picked up some nice trades, but when...Read>>

A Look at the Dollar: Prospects for a Continuation of the Trend

The bull market in the dollar continues to power forward. The US dollar index was up 11.97% in 2014. So far this year the greenback is up another 5.16%. The dollar is one of the strongest markets I see...Read>>

NYMEX Crude Oil: A Market Going Nowhere?

The price of active month NYMEX crude oil is what everyone is focusing on these days, but that price is only a view from thirty thousand feet of what is actually going on in the global oil patch. There...Read>>

Crude Oil Coiling for a Breakout

Over the past three weeks, April crude oil found a rotational balance range of 4867-to-5505, traveling from the bottom to the top and back to the bottom of that range a few times. However, three times in the last...Read>>

Seasonality: A Different Approach

Quite some while ago I showed, in a very simple way, how to overlay 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 data in one chart. I created two very simple code snippets to accomplish that. Here is that article: This...Read>>

Join Us at FOW's Derivatives World Asia

Event: FOW's Derivatives World Asia 2015 Date: March 25-26, 2015 Location: Renaissance Harbour View Hotel  | 1 Harbour, Wanchai, Hong KongCome visit CQG at FOW's Derivatives World Asia 2015.Stop by our booth to view our latest features, including:CQG AutoTraderUDS Order Entry FX and Equities TradingMobile...Read>>
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