What's New in CQG IC 2015: Volume Profile Changes

The Volume Profile study includes new features to give you better insight into what market participants are doing. With the addition of analytics data, you now have the ability to analyze volume distribution by volume traded at each side...Read>>

What's New in CQG IC 2015: UDS Orders

We now support trading User-Defined Strategies (UDS), which are tradable synthetic options spread strategies. This makes trading options spreads a more seamless task. Watch this video to learn more....Read>>

What's New in CQG IC 2015: Upgraded Formula Builder

Formula Builder has been redesigned to better match a trader's workflow with a more modern look. Some functionality has been relocated in the main display and a new preferences feature has been added. Watch this video to learn more....Read>>

What's New in CQG IC 2015: Enhanced Order Routing Interfaces

SnapTrader has an updated look in the FX style of a large bid and ask. Since we added cash FX market data and trading, the new split DOMTrader interface is a style that FX traders will be familiar with....Read>>

What's New in CQG IC 2015: CQG AutoTrader

CQG AutoTrader provides automated execution of trading systems developed in CQG Integrated Client. Trade strategy development and backtesting are our core functionalities. With CQG AutoTrader, we closed the loop by enabling customers to execute systems automatically in a fast...Read>>

Gold Triangle Formation Suggests a Possible Breakout

Over the past forty trading days, February gold has been rotating within a 11419-to-12390 range. However, over the past few weeks, that rotation range has been shrinking into a triangle formation on daily charts. The triangle formation is a...Read>>

Webinar: Auto Trading with CQG

CQG AutoTraderLearn how to automatically execute systems in a fast and systematic way.Join Jim Stavros and Doug Janson as they demonstrate CQG AutoTrader in CQG Integrated Client and API. The webinar will:Show how to set up a trade system Showcase the...Read>>

CQG Sponsors Quantic Traders Challenge

CQG will serve as a technology sponsor for the upcoming Quantic Traders Challenge. The Challenge is a semi-annual competition where proprietary traders compete to join the Quantic Asset Management team. Traders compete over six months executing trades on the...Read>>

Crude Oil Testing an Important Reference

Over the past ten weeks, WTI crude oil has traded from about $95 down to this past week's low of $63.72. The down trend has not yet shown any signs of aging. However, over the past six trading days,...Read>>

Natural Gas: A Great Trading Market Where Volatility Rules

Natural gas is one of the most volatile traded commodities. The futures contract calls for delivery at Henry Hub in Erath, Louisiana. Meanwhile, the physical market for natural gas is very active and prices trade at premiums or discounts...Read>>
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