The Meat Markets

Bullish and bearish fundamentals are pulling in two directions at the end of grilling season. It has been a wild ride in 2014 for animal protein markets. Beef and pork prices both traded at all-time highs this year. In...Read>>

Gold Compression Triangle May Soon Reach Apex

Over the past sixteen months, gold has been contained within a 1179.40-to-1487.40 range. Since April of 2013, the market has been making a series of higher lows and lower highs on the monthly continuation chart, forming a compression triangle....Read>>

CQG M Enhancements Profiled in Inside Market Data

This Inside Market Data article covers enhancements to be included in a forthcoming update to CQG M, CQG's cloud-based mobile platform for market data, order management, and electronic trading. The article states: The new version - which CQG will release...Read>>

The Soybean-Corn Spread

I believe that watching and analyzing intercommodity spreads can uncover true value. It is often a better method of interpreting current price levels when contrasted with attempting to understand the nominal prices of commodities themselves. An intercommodity spread is...Read>>

Kansas City Wheat on the Move versus Chicago Wheat

The memories of a frigid winter have melted into the summer heat across the US. It has been a great summer for grain production; the weather has been temperate with corn, soybean, and wheat crops all thriving. Grain prices...Read>>

From Russia with Love

How might the latest tensions impact commodity prices? Increasing tensions between the West and Russia surrounding Ukraine could impact some commodity prices. Physical flows of these commodities could be interrupted, or pre-sanction dumping may occur. As a major producer...Read>>

Heating Oil Calendar Spread Gearing for a Possible Breakout

About six weeks ago, the November/December heating oil calendar spread began a decline that lasted over three weeks. When the market traded below -130, buyers stepped in and left an excess buying tail as -130 became support after the...Read>>

Backtesting Tip: Events That Set Up a Trade

In this article we will look into different ways to use an event to set up a trading opportunity. We will review the differences between BarsSince, Happenedwithin, and Set/Reset. The first example is very simple. We want to buy...Read>>

Natural Gas Coiling for a Breakout

Over the past several weeks, September natural gas has been trending lower. Since the start of the decline in early June, the market formed a pattern of balancing for several days prior to a rapid decline four times. This...Read>>

Wheat: Will Problems in Ukraine Affect Prices in 2014?

Prior to the release of the July US Department of Agriculture's monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, I posted the article, Grains: A Contrarian Play? In that article, I stated that soybeans, corn, and wheat were...Read>>
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