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Crude oil has averaged a 16.06% rise in price in the six months following the start of each of the Fed’s last six rate hike cycles In the first 10 days following the Fed’s March… more
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Louis-Vincent Gave - CEO. Louis-Vincent Gave co-founded GaveKal in 1999 with his father Charles and Anatole Kaletsky. GaveKal started as an independent research firm and evolved in 2005 to… more

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Author Kushal Thaker’s new book “Be Rich with Specunomics” is an insightful guide for readers looking to intelligently build financial growth

Kushal Thaker, who has been a… more

Thom Hartle

Each Wednesday this article will be updated with the current seasonal study using CQG’s Seasonal analysis applied to the Soybean, Wheat and Corn markets. You can download the CQG pac providing the… more

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This week I had the extreme pleasure of recording a Financial Repression Authority podcast with Zoltan Poszar (moderated by Richard Bonugli, of course). We covered the entire global scene from… more

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The raw material markets asset class moved higher in the first quarter of 2022 after posting gains throughout 2021. The commodity asset class consisting of 29 of the primary commodities that trade… more

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Though bitcoin ended 2021 up over 62%, the cryptocurrency experienced significant volatility along the way The Fed’s approach to inflation and the potential for regulation could… more
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Petroleum prices fell for a third week in four, experiencing their largest weekly drop in terms of percentage of value in the last two years. A massive release from the US Strategic Petroleum… more

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Short-dated new crop options help farmers manage risk around USDA reports or other market-moving events with a lower premium Geopolitical events have introduced new risks for… more
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Zoltan Pozsar is a Managing Director and is the Global Head of Short-Term Interest Rate Strategy based in New York. Prior to joining Credit Suisse in February 2015, Zoltan had a distinguished… more