Marcus Kwan
General Added more decimal points for volume displays throughout (cryptos) Added preference to show group/country/region code for symbols Trading Option to cancel orders on logoff Download order… more
Rich Excell

As volatility levels fluctuate in the FX markets, Rich reviews two strategies in different currencies:

JPY/USD ratio spread for volatility to remain elevated MXN/USD call vs… more
Blu Putnam


Where rates go once the Federal Reserve reaches a point of neutral policy will be a key point for the jobs-inflation trade-offThe Taylor Rule today, and for some time in the past,… more
Scott Bauer


Rising rates tend to hurt growth stocks, but across the last five rate hike cycles, the Nasdaq median gain was nearly 27% Inflation and supply chain constraints will continue to… more
Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices increased for the first week in three and second in six in a holiday shortened week. Prices surged
despite a sizable Crude release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as… more

Thom Hartle

Each Wednesday this article will be updated with the current seasonal study using CQG’s Seasonal analysis applied to the Soybean, Wheat and Corn markets. You can download the CQG pac providing the… more

Thom Hartle

CQG offers the Seasonal Study for comparing the current market price action to the previous 10 individual years as line charts overlaid on the daily bar chart as shown below. In addition, the… more

Yra Harris

There was an article in Foreign Affairs this week by Graham Allison, the dean of American political scientists, titled, “Putin’s Doomsday Threat: How to Prevent a Repeat of the Cuban Missile… more

Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices fell for a second consecutive week and fourth in five, driven primarily by details of a release of more than 180 MB from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve that will be done in… more

Bob Iaccino


Crude oil has averaged a 16.06% rise in price in the six months following the start of each of the Fed’s last six rate hike cycles In the first 10 days following the Fed’s March… more