CQG Desktop offers a significant advantage over CQG Trader

Our customers like CQG Trader for its ease of use when placing orders, tracking orders and positions, and viewing market activity. CQG Desktop offers these features, and much more. In this recording, we give you the highlights you need so you can sell the benefits of CQG Desktop to your customers. If they liked CQG Trader, they'll love CQG Desktop!

Learn about: 

  • Easy order entry ticket 
  • Market depth entry ticket (HOT) 
  • Quoteboard and QSS styles 
  • Multi-account management 
  • Risk monitoring views 
  • Charts 
  • Lock pages

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Troy Wood is the Head of Support at CQG. He has over 16 years of industry experience. Mr. Wood has managed the CQG FCM Desk, providing partner support for CQG's products and services. He has also been responsible for the on-boarding of new business opportunities for CQG.