Entries and Exits

Watch this webinar recording with Michael Martin and Scott Kaminski to learn how to create a dedicated action plan for entering and exiting trades.

Using CQG Integrated Client, they show how to design a plan that you can consistently replicate for persistent returns and superior risk management.

CQG Integrated Client provides traders with an innovative trading interface complete with accurate global market data, professional technical analysis tools, and advanced order routing.

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Michael Martin, Trader, Author, and Coach, MartinKronicle.com

Michael Martin has been a professional trader for twenty-four years. He's the author of The Inner Voice of Trading. He coaches and mentors other traders online and in-person on what he has learned over his career from his own teachers, especially Ed Seykota, Victor Sperandeo, and Michael Marcus.

Scott Kaminski, Trader

Scott Kaminski has been engaged in the futures markets for over thirty years. He began his career at Refco where he learned the importance of having a competent structured trading methodology. He worked at Tudor Investment Corporation for almost a decade trading a significant portfolio of global future markets. Recently he worked at Infinium Capital Management. He has mentored, advised, and consulted traders around the globe. He teaches traders how to determine the feasibility of a trade and how to isolate optimum levels for both market entries and exits to facilitate superior trade execution.


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