Watch our recorded webinar to learn about the benefits of RCM-X algorithmic strategies, which are available in CQG Integrated Client and CQG QTrader.

Learn about:

The benefits of RCM-X algos and how to apply them to your portfolio... more

See how care orders can simplify your hedge management. In this webinar, CQG Trade Routing Director Troy Wood shows you how to use care orders to hedge your customers' orders in CQG.

You will learn how to:

Manage orders for a... more

Watch David Williams reveal visual methods that test the accuracy of trades before they're placed.

You will learn:

How to examine the market differently and make informed trading decisions When to trade the forecast and when to scalp... more
Footprints allow you to see inside the chart

In this webinar, Trevor Harnett answered the question of why some traders always seem to have a better read on the market.

He presented:

What Footprints are How Footprints help traders... more

Track global economic releases with ease

Learn how to navigate Calendar of Events in this webinar demonstration with product specialists from Dow Jones and CQG. Calendar of Events features include:

Event details for more than... more

Turn bullish positions into bearish positions in a single transaction.

In this webinar, market wizard Tony Saliba shows you how to take advantage of the flexibility of trading options by studying volatility and the Greeks in order to... more


Learn from two industry veterans: Steve Kalayjian and Harry Temkin, as they introduce KnowVera’s pattern recognition software. KnowVera provides decision-support analytics for identifying, evaluating, and capitalizing on market opportunities.... more


Uncertainty over the viability of future Central Bank policy, concerns over China, and the impact of cheap oil have caused increased market volatility in 2016.

In this webinar, William de Lucy reviews how the markets have become... more


2016 entered with a bang. Recent volatility has many of us questioning whether a rebound will be quick or slow to surface. The transition to growth of the global macro economy has been roiling the markets for some time. Equity turmoil in... more


Leading up to the Fed Statement release, Neil Azous, a highly regarded macro strategist, Founder of Rareview Macro, and Author of the Sight Beyond Sight newsletter, gives a rare, behind-the-scenes look at preparing... more