CQG Announces CQG FX, Expands FX Liquidity with DirectFX and First Derivatives

This press release announced CQG's partnership with DirectFX and First Derivatives as well as the CQG FX trading platform. By opening access to DirectFX via First Derivatives' Delta Flow platform, the partnership expands FX liquidity available to CQG customers. CQG now offers CQG FX, a trading platform for foreign exchange traders.

The press release states:

The new agreement expands CQG's FX market data and trade routing offering over CQG FX, a platform for foreign exchange professionals.

DirectFX will use the Delta Flow product from First Derivatives to provide FX rates and order management capabilities to CQG clients using their existing trading screens. Delta Flow is built on the Delta platform developed by First Derivatives and used by the world's largest banks, exchanges and hedge funds for high performance, low latency trading applications.

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