CQG Launches Proprietary Automated Trading Platform

Denver, CO and Chicago, IL, Nov. 4, 2014 - CQG, Inc. today announced the launch of CQG AutoTrader at the FIA Chicago Expo. CQG AutoTrader is a proprietary trading execution engine that allows customers to execute numerous trading strategies simultaneously with equal precision and discipline. CQG AutoTrader offers traders greater capacity and accuracy in the execution of their systems.

Trade strategy development and backtesting have been core functionalities available in CQG Integrated Client (CQG IC), the company's flagship trading product. With CQG AutoTrader, customers are now able to execute these systems automatically within CQG IC.

"CQG AutoTrader complements our existing backtesting offering and provides traders with a full service suite to develop, test, and execute their systems automatically in a fast and systematic way," Vesna Straser, CQG Director of Trading Analytics, said. "Automating strategies allow traders to be more disciplined and results focused, while also providing increased transparency and risk management."

CQG AutoTrader supports numerous order types and allows customers to configure execution parameters related to price, size, and timing of orders. It is integrated with various P&L and position monitoring modules in CQG where traders can track their trading signals and positions on charts and trading interfaces. CQG AutoTrader can be used in live or demo trading modes.

CQG AutoTrader was developed in-house with feedback from customers who have been using and testing the product. To learn more, visit http://beta.cqg.com/solutions/analytics/trade-system-and-backtesting-tools.