PanXchange and CQG Announce Market Data Partnership

DENVER March 13, 2019 — PanXchange, a Denver-based OTC physical commodity exchange and price discovery platform, today announced a partnership with CQG, a leading global provider of high-performance solutions for trading, market data, technical analysis, and risk and account management. Through this new partnership, CQG’s global clients gain access to PanXchange’s cutting-edge frac sand pricing data.

As PanXchange is the first and only company to issue an official benchmark in frac sand, this unique and indicative data will give traders in the energy space a distinct advantage. CQG users will be able to source the data via a variety of formats, including CQG’s leading front-ends, APIs, and Microsoft Excel.

Julie Lerner, Founder and CEO of PanXchange, commented, “This partnership not only puts PanXchange on the same top shelf as other major market data providers, but also signals the increasing importance of this data to global traders. We’re pleased to be able to expand the access to our data by working with our trusted partner with broad reach in the market, CQG.”

CQG President Ryan Moroney said, “We’re thrilled to work with PanXchange on offering this valuable data to our clients. This initiative builds on our recent growth in energy and over-the-counter markets, offering our clients another great tool for honing their trading and managing their risk.”

With this partnership, PanXchange further demonstrates that it is a leader in physical commodity markets, a role that it established in 2017, when the company became the first to create a market in frac sand. Now, PanXchange’s client base represents 45 percent of all sand traded (on and offline). This announcement with CQG comes on the heels of another major development for PanXchange. In January 2019, the company rolled out index pricing data for its second U.S.-focused commodities market, industrial hemp. PanXchange’s approach to the hemp market will follow the same blueprint as frac sand. If interested in learning more about PanXchange’s data offerings, please contact


About PanX
PanXchange is an award-winning OTC physical commodity trading and price discovery platform that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate specific details of a trade, including the location and timing of delivery and the exact quantity and quality of the commodity. In October 2017, PanXchange successfully launched the first-ever platform for the 120 million-ton proppant market (frac sand), and began issuing the industry’s first official price assessment (benchmark) two months later. In January 2019, the company rolled out index pricing data for its second U.S.-focused commodities market, industrial hemp. Based in Denver, Colorado, the company has also been live in East Africa for three years, offering the negotiation and trade of more than 30 different agricultural commodities, and is opening its fifth location in Singapore. PanXchange is protected by two U.S. patents, with three more pending, and in 2018 was selected by CIO Outlook as a Top 10 Trading Solution Provider, as well as Barchart’s Startup Exchange winner. For more information, contact