Jul 02, 2019

CQG offers an estimate of where your order is in the queue of the Exchange’s order book.

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Important Notes:

Requires .Net Framework 4.6 or higher CQG Version 2019 does not support Windows... more
Jul 02, 2019

The popular moving average study has three additional moving average types: The Median, Trix (triple exponential smoothing) and the Exponential Hull Moving Average are now included as choices in the moving average study.

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Jul 02, 2019

CQG offers two new studies and one new chart type for customers developing models, analytics, and utilizing other Excel features. These three new features provide a seamless connection between Excel and CQG. Whatever models you have built with... more

Jul 02, 2019

NASDAQ Futures Exchange (NFX) and CQG have teamed up to provide an anonymous Request for Quote (RFQ) Block system for traders to execute OTC block trades. The new block trade system provides over-the-counter trade capability; which separates... more

Jul 02, 2019
End-of-day data for global markets now included

CQG continues to bring real value with global end-of-day day data now included as part of the standard subscription service. Now, you can access end-of-day data from 22 exchanges from around the... more

Jul 02, 2019
Serving Up a Powerful Peace of Mind

Bracket orders, a favorite order type among profession traders, are a combination of a profit target order and a stop loss order which are automatically placed when your entry order is filled.

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Andy Hecht
Jun 30, 2019

The dollar index moved lower by 1.22% in the second quarter of 2019, but the commodities asset class posted a loss in Q2. Two of the six major sectors posted gains while four moved to the downside. The composite of 29 raw material markets that... more

Thom Hartle
Jun 25, 2019

Delta Bars or DBars is a MarketDelta study which is used with the MarketDelta Footprint chart.

Delta is the difference between buys and sells. Delta Bars, displayed as candles, are colored based on bids and asks. Using default... more

Marcus Kwan
Jun 21, 2019
Quotes Added the ability to filter by any column in QSS Added exchange as a column in QSS and SpreadSheet Trader Added ISIN number to CSPEC Trading Child orders in a bracket can now have different durations from the parent order Charting New pointer... more
Marcus Kwan
Jun 21, 2019
General Updates Full screen chart when phone is horizontal
Trading Improved workflow when tapping on a position in the Positions tab to get to details view Added a setting to display OTE and P/L in reporting currency Helpful Links

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