Thom Hartle
Jul 28, 2014

Customers worldwide use CQG to deliver data to Microsoft Excel® via RTD calls. Operating System (OS) localization translates the application into another language. Some Excel syntax is different due to OS localization.


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Thom Hartle
Jul 24, 2014

CQG offers a Microsoft Excel® add-in to make your workflow easier when using CQG, RealTimeData (RTD), and 32-bit or 64-bit Excel. All you need to do is simply download the zip file, extract the contents, and run the setup file. The CQG RTD... more

Jul 16, 2014

Take your trading skills to the next level with CQG Product Specialist Helmut Mueller.Building upon his extensive experience, Mueller presents a thorough explanation of the advanced tools available in CQG Integrated Client. He shows you how to... more

Thom Hartle
Jul 16, 2014

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays the current crude oil options market ranked by the time of the last trade. It has two columns for two different expiry months. There are two tabs where you enter in the delivery month and the start and end... more

Thom Hartle
Jul 16, 2014

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard includes VBA code that plays a wav file if a condition is met. Download the CQG component pac, CQGIntradayNewHighNewLow.pac, which will indicate, in Excel, if the market is making a new high or low for the session... more

Thom Hartle
Jul 16, 2014

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays all of the Globex-traded Eurodollar contracts. The volume column highlights in gold the contract that has the largest twelve-day moving average. You can change the lookback period for the moving average.... more

Jul 07, 2014

For this month's Traders' Tips, we provide CQG code for the Early-Onset Trend Indicator, described in the August 2014 Stocks and Commodities Magazine article, The Quotient Transformation by John F. Ehlers.

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Helmut Mueller
Jul 03, 2014

After we looked into some time frame considerations in my last article , the next logical question is to ask if CQG can "optimize time." CQG Trade System Optimizer (TSO) does not allow us to optimize a trade system by answering the question on... more

Jun 25, 2014

This webinar offers insight into some of Thom Hartle's latest creations in Microsoft Excel® using CQG and the RealTimeData function. Learn tips for designing your own Excel dashboards by viewing this recording. more

Jun 18, 2014

See how long-time trader Jeanette Young day-trades the Russell 2000 futures contract.

Also known as the Options Queen, Ms. Young presented her daily trading preparation and CQG Integrated Client screen setups. She shared her rich trading... more