To access the RTD feature in CQG Trader, please contact your FCM.

This dashboard allows you to change symbols as well as enter a value for the high-low alert (HLAlert). If the last price is within the value of the high or low prices, then... more


This spreadsheet outlines the basic syntax of RTD formulas and then details more complex formulas. Included is a collection of popular RTD formulas, which you can simply copy and paste into your own spreadsheet.

Download the Excel... more


In this video, CQG Director of Product Training Thom Hartle walks you through the steps to easily build a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet to display market data.


CQG Integrated Client version 8.4 supports RealTimeData for sending data and other market information to Microsoft Excel®. This feature opens up many opportunities for creating custom displays and other ways to better manage your workflow. One... more