Spreading 101 with Kevin Falkman

Join CQG for an introductory look at our spreading capabilities, technology, and infrastructure with the CQG Spreader.

Our global reach gives you ultra-low-latency access to more than forty exchanges and multiple markets worldwide with collocated spreader servers in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. This webinar: displays our sophisticated order management; shows spread orders working in energy, foreign exchange, and equity indices; and highlights CQG's robust charting and analytics and how they tie into our trading interface. 

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Presenter: Kevin Falkman CQG Product Specialist

Bio: Kevin advises institutional trading desks, proprietary trading groups, and individual traders on how to leverage CQG Integrated Client, CQG Spreader, and global trade routing technologies. His experience ranges from a career on the Chicago Board of Trade floor and years trading the Dow Jones futures contract to recent roles in high-level technical support of trading infrastructure and software systems. He is involved in the complete CQG Spreader lifecycle.

To learn more about CQG Spreader, view the CQG website.


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