Options Analytics in CQG Integrated Client

Experienced traders know that to make the most of the options markets, you need sophisticated options analytics to gain an edge. CQG places powerful analytical modules at your fingertips for that very purpose.

CQG Product Specialist Gene O'Sullivan walks you through the options functionality in CQG Integrated Client, from basic to advanced levels.

He touches on the following in this informative webinar:

  • Evaluation models: volatility charts, Options Graph, and Options Calculator
  • Advanced options functionality: Volatility Workshop and options strategy analysis

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To learn more, view the Options Analytics video or visit the CQG website.

Presenter: Gene O'Sullivan CQG Product Specialist

Bio: Gene O'Sullivan has been a product specialist at CQG for the past eight years, specializing in options analysis. He first entered the financial community to design and implement theoretical software for First Options of Chicago. After serving as the risk manager overseeing four hundred independent options traders, Gene became the first firm trader for First Options at the CBOE. Moving to the commodity asset class, Gene became the options strategist for Conti Commodity and later an institutional account manager for Shearson Lehman. Throughout his career, Gene has published options articles in major financial magazines and taught advanced options strategies for the CME.



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