Five Reasons to Use Kase StatWare(R)

This webinar outlines the benefits of using Kase StatWare trading studies in CQG.

Learn how to use Cynthia Kase's "easy entry" color-coded buy/sell system and how to manage trade risk using the intelligent Kase DevStops indicator. Kase also demonstrates how to pinpoint turns using the self-adjusting momentum Kase PeakOscillator (KasePO) indicator and the sensitive, second-derivative KaseCD indicator.

This webinar is for traders looking to improve their trading techniques and bring their technical trading tools library up to date.

Five reasons to use Kase StatWare

  • Kase StatWare indicators are "smart."
  • Simplified, color-coded entry signals make entries easier.
  • Multiple time-frame analysis improves entry signals.
  • Auto-adjusting momentum indicators eliminate the need to fiddle with inputs.
  • Intelligent DevStops help better manage risk.

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Presenter: Cynthia Kase, CMT, MFTA, President Kase and Company, Inc., CTA

Bio: Award-winning market technician Cynthia Kase, CMT, MFTA, is a former engineer and energy trader who has worked as an innovator in trading and forecasting techniques for two decades. She is president and founder of Kase and Company, Inc., which provides trading and hedging solutions to the energy sector and offers Kase's acclaimed StatWare statistical indicators.



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