Russell Cash Indexes to Become Separate Enablement

As of January 1, Russell Cash Indexes became a separately billed enablement. ICE Futures US no longer includes these cash indexes, although it will continue to include Russell Index futures.

Please let CQG know by the end of this month whether you wish to pay for Russell Cash Indexes. If so, you will need to sign a separate agreement with NYSE if you do not already have one in place. NYSE will bill you or your firm directly if you are considered a professional user. CQG will bill non-professional users.

If we do not hear from you, you will no longer see Russell Cash Indexes data on your CQG terminal, effective January 1.

To continue receiving Russell Cash Indexes data, contact your CQG sales representative. You can also e-mail Michele Hafke or call her at (720) 904-3013.


Affected Symbols

X.US.RMC5 Russell 1000
X.US.RMVC5 Russell 1000 Value
X.US.RMGC5 Russell 1000 Growth
X.US.TOC Russell 2000 Index
X.US.THC Russell 3000 Index
X.US.GHC5 Russell 2000 Growth Index
X.US.VBC5 Russell 2000 Value Index


Pricing per User per Month

Billed by NYSE directly to the customer:

  • Russell Indexes Pro: $15

Billed by CQG:

  • Russell Indexes Pro (admin fee)
  • Russell Indexes Non Pro
  • Russell Indexes Delayed

All three are the same price: