CQG to Co-Locate at SGX Data Centre for High-Speed Trade Execution

Denver, CO, October 1, 2013 - CQG, Inc. today announced its forthcoming co-location at the Singapore Exchange (SGX) data centre, placing the company's trading infrastructure in closest proximity to the SGX matching engine. CQG customers receiving market data and trading global futures through CQG's trading platforms in Asia can now expect superior speed and performance.

"Co-location at the SGX data centre, together with our upcoming connection to the SGX Derivatives Market Direct Feed, positions us to offer customers with lowest-latency access to SGX. This speed is of particular significance to traders interested in executing spread and aggregated strategies who will now have an exceedingly robust solution in CQG's server-side products," said Joseph Koehnen, CQG's Director of Business Development, Asia-Pacific. "We look forward to delivering exceptional customer experience through this new infrastructure."

"We are delighted that CQG is now co-located with us in the SGX data centre that offers ultra-low latency access to our markets. The SGX data centre is one of the very few data centres in Singapore that has undergone Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) and has been purpose built according to industry best practices to meet stringent hosting requirements of the financial community. As investors and traders are increasingly seeking ways to stay ahead and manage their investments and technology risks, we will continue to work with them to deliver products and services which best match their strategic direction," said Tinku Gupta, Head of Market Data & Access at SGX.

Co-location at the SGX data centre provides customers using any of CQG's industry-leading trading products with the opportunity to connect via CQG Direct, the company's premier connectivity method. CQG Direct provides customers with immediate access to CQG's co-located servers at the exchange for maximum performance.

The SGX Derivatives Market Direct Feed provides real-time price information on futures and options contracts, including information about order volumes at each price. With this information, a trader can estimate place in queue more efficiently.

To learn more about CQG's server-side trading tools, view the following: