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The Net Change Curve chart displays a collection of symbols’ net price change or net percentage change making it easy to compare each market’s current sessions’ performance.

In addition,… more

Yra Harris

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month so it is known on trading desks as UNEMPLOYMENT Friday — or Unenjoyment Day for some — as volatility will reign in the early part of the trading day. As… more

CME Group
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Today’s markets are full of options. Discover how options on futures from CME Group can help you mitigate downside risk and diversify your portfolio across major asset classes such… more

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At the most recent Fed meeting, the US central bank set the stage for ending quantitative easing in early March and liftoff from a zero percent short-term Fed Funds Rate at the March FOMC meeting… more

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General Added a font size toggle for Quoteboard and Quoteboard 2 Improved searching for columns in Manage columns dialog for grids Added a lock pointer tools mode for chart for mobile mode Added… more
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This Microsoft® Excel Dashboard pulls percent net change for the current session for twelve different markets.

Next to “Symbol:” you can enter in your favorite symbol. Be sure and… more

Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices increased for a fifth consecutive week, touching seven-year highs midweek as
dated Brent briefly touched $90 before easing at week’s end on profit-taking as well as a sharp… more

Yra Harris

Bernard Connolly is a British economist noted for his dislike of the euro. He is know for writing The Rotten Heart of Europe: The Dirty War for Europe's Money.

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Thomas Finlon

Energy prices increased for a fourth consecutive week, the longest such streak of gains since October. Reductions in Crude inventories rendering stocks to their lowest levels since October 2018,… more