Thomas Finlon

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused a historic spike in petroleum prices which registered their largest weekly gains in terms of dollars on record. Accentuating the week was the dangerous seizure… more

For some symbols the price ladder can be compressed, which means that ticks can be viewed in a quantity different from the exchange value.

You can set the amount of the compression next… more

Andy Hecht

The first major war in Europe since WW II broke out in February with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the beginning of March, the Ukrainian military and citizens continued to hold off the Russian… more

Richard Weissman

In this second of our series of articles on technical analysis for commercial hedgers we will look at using technical analysis to understand the basis and how it impacts the decision-making… more

CME Group

There are two types of analysis used by traders to inform their trading decisions. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis. In this course, you will learn about the various patterns,… more

Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices fell for the first week in nine as continued tensions on the Russian Ukrainian border which appear to be poised for rapid escalation to an invasion were offset by apparent… more

Thom Hartle

This post walks you through using Microsoft® Excel’s Indirect function and other Excel features to make usable Quote Dashboards. The provided sample Excel spreadsheet is unlocked.

Consider… more

Yra Harris

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey made a ridiculous comment almost two weeks ago and I’d be remiss not to mention it. Bailey issued his own FORWARD GUIDANCE on how to slow the pace of… more

Tim McCourt


The maturation of cryptocurrencies has led to increased adoption of crypto products, including regulated and centrally cleared crypto derivatives With sustainable investments set… more
Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices increased for an eighth consecutive week, touching eight year highs as reports released on Friday
afternoon from numerous mainstream media outlets stated that Russia had… more