Market Mind Games: The New Psychology of Risk

Join Denise K. Shull as she outlines an entirely radical and more effective approach to the mind game of markets. Learn how to get in sync with the way your brain uses emotion and start putting your discipline where it belongs: into managing your psychological capital and controlling your actions, not your emotions.

In this webinar, learn:

  • why feelings and emotions can be your best risk management tool;
  • the specific "fC" (feeling context) that matters the most; and
  • the fractal feeling context that drives your BIKB (But I Know Better) trades.

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Learn more about Denise K. Shull's approach to trading psychology and the markets by listening to part 1 and part 2 of CQG's interview podcast. 

Presenter: Denise K. Shull, M.A. Executive Director of Strategic Trading

Bio: Denise K. Shull is a globally-recognized trailblazer in a new psychology of risk and uncertainty. A leading theoretician in how the human brain perceives and responds to pressure, she is well-known for her leadership in leveraging performance improvements based on behavioral, neuroeconomic, and psychoanalytic research. Ms. Shull is CEO of The ReThink Group, Inc., a human performance consultancy. A former member of CME Group, Ms. Shull is also the author of Market Mind Games, which is to be published by McGraw-Hill in 2011.



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