Ten Outstanding CQG Ideas for 2011

CQG Integrated Client has hundreds of tools you can use to be a profitable trader.

This fast-paced webinar shows you ten of the best ideas for using CQG. In just thirty minutes, CQG Product Specialists Shaun Downey and Doug Janson demonstrate some of their favorite techniques for gaining great market insights, bringing efficiency to your trading workflow, and getting the edge you need to be successful.

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Shaun Downey, CQG Product Specialist

Shaun Downey began his trading career at the age of sixteen. He has spent the last fifteen years as a technical analyst at CQG teaching, consulting, and promoting technical analysis around the world. Shaun writes daily and weekly commentaries on Foreign Exchange, Bonds, Oil, and Stock Indexes spanning forty-five markets.

Doug Janson, CQG Product Specialist

Doug Janson has been a Product Specialist at CQG for the past fourteen years. He has been trading for more than twenty years. Doug also designs and trades algorithmic systems. To learn more, visit the CQG website.