A View of the Major Macro Markets

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Join Andrew Egan Baptiste, CEO of T.A.G., the new and independent Technical Analysis Group, for a detailed webinar on reviewing and forecasting major macro markets.

This webinar looks at the technical perspective, from micro to big-picture time frames, on markets such as the S&P, US 10-year yields, gold, and more.

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Presenter: Andrew Egan Baptiste CEO, T.A.G.

Bio: Andrew Egan Baptiste has over thirty years of market experience. He was the Chief Technical Analyst at Morgan Stanley as well as a Senior Technical Analyst at J.P. Morgan. He also was the owner and operator of 3-D Technicals, a trading floor technical service. Mr. Baptiste is currently the CEO of T.A.G., the new and independent Technical Analysis Group. He leads the T.A.G. effort to provide customers with real-time strategic, directional, and tactical support through a customizable and easy-to-use delivery system that gives users a definite edge in the decision-making process.




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