Level Up Your Trading Acumen with Two Powerful CQG Features

CQG Product Specialist Doug Janson covers two of the most underutilized features in CQG: DOM study values and Signal Evaluator.

DOM study values allow overlay study values to be placed into the DOM trading window for unique trade manipulation and execution scenarios. Janson covers the different order types available and setting the appropriate rounding parameters for the DOM study values.

The second half of the presentation explores the revamped Signal Evaluator. This module allows you to test buy and sell setups for their profitability over a future time horizon. It is a precursor to creating a trading system; however, many traders will find this is all they need in order to quantify their trading criteria.

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Doug Janson, Product Specialist

Doug Janson began his trading career working in the meat and currency trading pits at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He continued on to research and trade while working for a number of FCMs and CTAs. Janson joined CQG in the 1990s to manage technical analysis classes for the migration of floor traders to the screens. He also developed and traded automated systems on CQG's proprietary trading desk. In 2005, Janson began working for Northfield LLC, a CTA, as Director of Research. After a few years, he moved into fund management. Janson rejoined CQG in 2007 as a Product Specialist and has continued actively trading in the futures and equity markets. Janson graduated from Texas State University with a degree in finance and computer science.


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