Auto Trading with CQG

Learn how to automatically execute systems in a fast and systematic way.

Watch Jim Stavros and Doug Janson demonstrate CQG AutoTrader in CQG Integrated Client and API.

The webinar:

  • Shows how to set up a trade system
  • Showcases the toolbox
  • Provides sample code

CQG AutoTrader allows customers to simultaneously execute numerous systems at once with equal precision and discipline. It provides traders with greater capacity and accuracy in systems trading versus manual execution.

CQG AutoTrader via the API keys its trades off of the change in open position size of the backtesting system. All executions are done with market orders - there are no limit and stop order capabilities. Contrary to the CQG Integrated Client AutoTrader, the API version allows you trade multiple times within the creation of the price bar.

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Jim Stavros, CQG Product Specialist Manager

Jim Stavros specializes in black-box system programming in CQG. His talents include development of custom studies, conditions, and trade systems for use in CQG AutoTrader. Stavros is an expert in Microsoft Excel®-based RTD. Stavros joined CQG in August 2005. A veteran trader of twenty-nine years, Stavros is a member of CME, where he specializes in trading a variety of commodities.

Doug Janson, CQG Product Specialist

Doug Janson began his trading career working in the meat and currency trading pits at CME. He continued on to research and trade while working for a number of FCMs and CTAs. Janson joined CQG in the 1990s to manage technical analysis classes for the migration of floor traders to the screens. He also developed and traded automated systems on CQG's proprietary trading desk.