CQG to Stop Supporting DDE

Beginning with version 18, the DDE protocol cannot be used with CQG software. Instead, RTD should be used.

Microsoft stopped supporting DDE several years ago with the release of their Vista operating system. Now that a majority of our customers have moved to RTD, CQG is doing the same.

To assist you with this transition, CQG provides a DDE-to-RTD converter. If you should encounter any issues with the converter, please contact CQG customer support.

We also encourage you to view our video tutorial with our in-house RTD expert, Thom Hartle.

We appreciate the effort involved in making this change, and we’re confident you’ll appreciate the benefits of RTD*:

  • Uses Excel function-like syntax
  • Offers real-time data in a cell
  • Includes cell references in the formula
  • Updates in real time
  • Is extremely efficient
  • Is reliable (does not drop updates)
  • Drives calculation
  • Keeps track of the state and location of real-time data formulas to unburden the server

Again, this change is effective in software version 18, so you should plan to have the protocol converted prior to upgrading from version 17. If you have questions, contact customer support.

* https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/aa140060(v=office.10).aspx#odc_xlrtdfaq_whatisrtd