Fixed Income

Customers of BrokerTec can now trade the Relative Value (RV) Treasury Spreads. BrokerTec is the price discovery leader for benchmark cash U.S. Treasuries.

RV Curve offers 21 spreads. This… more

A composite of the 29 primary commodity markets traded on the U.S. and U.K. exchanges edged only 0.21% higher in Q2, thanks to gains in animal proteins and soft commodities. Over the first six… more

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard pulls in the 3-month SOFR market data traded on the CME Globex platform.

The Dashboard was updated to enable the user to enter in the symbol for the first… more

Fixed income traders may want to see fixed income futures prices for the book using a price format other than decimals or native. This article details the steps to converting decimal formatting to… more

Join Jim Marzano, founder of Metrixx LLC, as he demonstrates the role of Metrixx's real-time decision support tools and social business platform in defining market value.

Mr. Marzano… more