Monthly Seasonal Dashboard (Updated)

The updated dashboard uses active monthly contracts for the futures rollover. This Excel® dashboard pulls monthly data and provides analysis of user selected markets from 2002 to 2022. The dashboard offers insights such as which months a market has been the most historically consistent in terms of closing the month above the month’s opening.

The user can enter two symbols (always use capital letters) for a market by market comparisons. For example, if during the review period of twenty years the market closed higher on a monthly basis fifteen times in December then that is a reading of 75%.

The next table the data is ranked and sorted by highest to lowest providing an easy way to spot months with consistent strength over other months.

Now, this table above does not indicate the percent gain or loss for the months. The next table gives you that information.

This table displays by month (there is a dropdown menu) the percent change from the open to the close for all of the same months in the review period.

The last table ranks the month’s gains and losses from the highest to the lowest.

This dashboard will accept all symbols. Again, use all capital letters. One possible use for this dashboard is if you were an agricultural trader and your current fundamental analysis was similar to a previous year’s conditions, then you could review the previous year’s performance based on this dashboard.

Requires CQG Integrated Client or CQG QTrader and Excel 2010 or higher.



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