Using CQG RTD Calls in Excel with OS Localization

Customers worldwide use CQG to deliver data to Microsoft Excel® via RTD calls. Operating System (OS) localization translates the application into another language. Some Excel syntax is different due to OS localization.


For English, I would use this:

=RTD("cqg.rtd", ,"ContractData", "JNK", "LastTradeToday",, "T")

A Russian trader using Russian Excel and CQG would use this:

=ДРВ("cqg.rtd"; ; "ContractData";"JNK"; " LastTradeToday";;"D")

Notice that within the parenthesis, the syntax is the same except the separators are semicolons, not commas. The first item is "cqg.rtd," which is the COM object installed by CQG and is independent of OS localization.

Table 1 lists those countries or territories that use a different function name for RTD.

This web site has more information about translating Excel functions to other languages:

Language RTD Function Name
Catalan RTDR
Dutch/Nederlands RTG
Galician RDTR
Hungarian/Magyar VIA
Russian/Pусский ДРВ
Spanish/Español RDTR
Turkish/Türkçe GZV

Table 1: The countries that require a different name for the RTD functions are listed.

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