March 23, 2022
Richard Weissman

I have always believed that every active hedge strategy needs to answer the following three-part question:

Percentage hedged Duration of the hedge Derivative instrument(s) used to hedge


March 23, 2022
Thom Hartle

Each Wednesday this article will be updated with the current seasonal study using CQG’s Seasonal analysis applied to the Soybean, Wheat and Corn markets. You can download the CQG pac providing the… more

March 21, 2022
Thomas Finlon

Volatility exacerbated by a liquidity crunch that intensified price swings was a key characteristic of petroleum markets which fell for a second consecutive week after having reached 14 month… more

March 18, 2022
Paul Golden


Micro E-mini equity options are tapping into industry demand for equity index products for a wider range of investors More options trading in 2021 coincided with a rise in… more
March 16, 2022
Thom Hartle

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets have functionality to format cells based on conditions. This feature is also referred to as data visualization. This post details two types of data visualizations… more

March 15, 2022
Marcus Kwan
General Added exchange names to symbol auto-suggest Symbol auto-suggest shows more results  Charts Added net change percent display for previous periods Options Greeks columns now available… more
March 14, 2022
Thomas Finlon

Profound volatility was the primary feature of petroleum markets which had their first weekly loss since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Prices fell sharply after reaching historic highs on Monday.… more

March 14, 2022
Yra Harris

There are so many things to consider when trading in the current climate. First and foremost, CAUTION is the key word, not FEAR. As Billy Joel would say, “We didn’t start the fire,” but as traders… more

March 7, 2022
Thomas Finlon

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused a historic spike in petroleum prices which registered their largest weekly gains in terms of dollars on record. Accentuating the week was the dangerous seizure… more