RCM-X Algo Strategies in CQG

Watch our recorded webinar to learn about the benefits of RCM-X algorithmic strategies, which are available in CQG Integrated Client and CQG QTrader.

Learn about:

  • The benefits of RCM-X algos and how to apply them to your portfolio
  • Setting up algos in CQG IC and CQG QTrader
  • Using CQG's custom algo analytics, including TCA reports, to measure overall performance and make adjustments

These popular algos can be used out-of-the-box, with no need for coding and development. Take advantage of these algo strategies and enhance your trading portfolio.

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Jim Stavros, Product Specialist, CQG

Joe Signorelli, Managing Partner, RCM-X

About RCM-X:

​RCM-X was launched as a subsidiary of RCM Alternatives in 2017 to provide trading technology and risk management services to the professional trading and investment management space. The company controls a library of execution algorithms available via front-end platforms, builds custom algorithms for clients with unique parameter needs or strategies, and sells and supports the implementation of Strategy Studio software for those looking to design a solution themselves. The RCM-X Algo team is led by Joseph Signorelli – Managing Partner, David Don – CIO/Head of Algorithmic Trading, and Mike Aufmann – Head of Sales, with a team of 10 engineers and a 6-person, 24-hour support desk exhibiting deep experience creating custom algorithms for speed and market impact for sensitive traders.


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