"Copperate" with You Conference

"Copperate" with You
Conference Recordings

  • Host and Organizer: SDIC Essence Futures

  • Co-organizer: CQG, Capital CSC Futures (HK)

  • Supporting Agency: Shanghai International Energy Exchange

On November 18, 2021, with Shanghai International Energy Exchange's support, SDIC Essence Futures, CQG and Capital CSC Futures (HK)  jointly organized an online conference "Copperate" With You. The conference focused on the global economy and base metal (especially copper and zinc) markets, including topics such as recent Chinese macro policy changes, the evolution of base metal market under new global economic structure, the market dynamics and fundamentals of cathode copper zinc, the outlook on base metal industry, the access to gradually opening Chinese futures market, etc.

Part One

Macro Strategies, Asset Allocation and Opportunities of Commodities Speculation

Ershi Li

Chief Researcher & Group Leader, SDIC Essence Futures Research Department- Macro Finance Group

Part Two

The Fundamentals and International Market Analysis of Copper and Zinc

Jing Xiao

Chief Researcher & Group Leader, SDIC Essence Futures Research Department- Non-Ferrous Metal Group

Part Three

CQG Trading Platform: CQG Spreader- Copper

Anthony Cohen

Head of Product Specialists-APAC, CQG

Part Four

How to Participate in China's Futures Market via Overseas Intermediary

Joshua Hong (Guest Speaker)

General Manager, Capital Futures Technology (Shanghai)


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