Forecasting and Trading with the Elliott Wave Principle



This webinar is designed for Elliotticians of all levels, from the beginner to the advanced.

Learn about the Elliott Wave Principle and the guidelines to enhance its effectiveness as a trading tool.

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Presenter: Jeffrey Kennedy Chief Commodity Analyst, Elliott Wave International

Bio: A career trader and technical analyst, Jeffrey Kennedy is one of the world's most respected educators and prolific authors in the field of technical analysis. Specializing in the Elliott Wave Principle, Mr. Kennedy has more than twenty years of experience as an analyst and a trader in more than one hundred financial markets. Mr. Kennedy currently serves as Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International and part-time lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a recognized expert in Elliott Wave analysis and trading, Mr. Kennedy is a sought-after speaker. Through his virtual classroom, he has taught thousands of students around the world how to apply the Elliott Wave Principle as a trading methodology.