Metrixx-Calculated Price

Join Jim Marzano, founder of Metrixx LLC, as he demonstrates the role of Metrixx's real-time decision support tools and social business platform in defining market value.

Mr. Marzano highlights:

  • Metrixx integration with CQG for quoting, charting, and modeling, with more than 1,000 QFormulas;
  • extensive pre-trade analysis and calculations for any globally-traded future, with special emphasis on financial futures;
  • and Metrixx Community, a customizable social platform for trading professionals.

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Presenter: Jim Marzano CEO and Founder, Metrixx LLC

Bio: Jim Marzano is founder and CEO of Metrixx LLC, a real-time trading decision support service that calculates intrinsic market valuations on exchange-traded derivatives. A futures industry veteran and successful entrepreneur, Mr. Marzano was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for twenty-four years. He was one of the original traders of the first financial futures contract, GNMA futures, and traded the first 30-Year Treasury Bond futures contract in 1977. Mr. Marzano founded Metrixx in 2009 as a strategic solution to evaluate traded derivative instruments. He holds a BBA from Loyola University of Chicago.