Create Regular Trading Hours Data Using Portara Charts(R) & CQG Data Factory(tm)

Watch Arthur Maddock, Managing Director of Portara, demonstrate how to roll, compress, and chart data from CQG's database.

Maddock demonstrates how to:

  • Customize roll settings to produce continuous back-adjusted intraday and daily historical data.
  • Combine deferred and skipped contracts to produce historic back-adjusted streams.
  • Compress rolled intraday data into any time frame or format.
  • Apply CQG Data Factory modules to optimize workflow.
  • Test results using CQG's charting and analytics tools.

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Arthur Maddock, ACCA, CAT, CIM, and Managing Director of Portara

Arthur Maddock is a financial accountant in the United Kingdom. He holds an Investment Management Certificate through the CFA Society of the UK. He is a C++ and C# programmer and research and development scientist for hedge funds and commercial-trading enterprises. Maddock was a hedge fund trader and trading systems researcher for two years in St. Thomas and pioneered a hedge fund consultancy business and trading enterprise on Naxos Island in Greece before returning to the UK in 2007. Since then, Maddock has worked extensively with CQG Data Factory data. Over the past three years, Maddock, Portara, and CQG have developed cutting-edge data extraction and data management solutions that provide corporate and professional system researchers and traders a broader and more amenable access to the database. Maddock holds diplomas with honors in astromathematics and navigation.



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