CQG Announces Free Services through the End of the Year

Free Services

CQG Integrated Client customers have free access to the following services through the end of the year:

  • Market Scan
  • Advanced Options

Sign-up is not necessary. We’ve turned these services on for all current CQG IC customers to say thank you for your business!

Recorded Webinar

Want to learn more about these services and how to use them to enhance your trading? Watch our webinar recording to get an in-depth overview from our product specialists.

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Advanced Options and RTD

With recent improvements to UDS (User-Defined Strategies) in CQG IC, this is an opportune time to take advantage of our advanced options functionality. 

CQG customers can take advantage of the additional features and functionality by using Microsoft’s RTD technology to push real-time market data from CQG to Microsoft Excel®. We offer numerous Excel Dashboards for options on futures traders, including: