CQG Launches New Charting and Trade Execution Software

Denver, CO and Chicago, IL, November 7, 2013 - CQG, Inc. today announced its latest product innovation, CQG QTrader, a new charting and execution platform for advanced traders. CQG QTrader makes CQG's market data, charting, and electronic trading more accessible.

Modeled after CQG's flagship product, CQG Integrated Client, the new platform offers real-time data backed by three years of historical market data. This combination allows traders to model highly-customized scenarios and run calculations in Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets before making trading decisions.

"We designed CQG QTrader for traders who require precise and sophisticated technology and tools, but who may not need the full suite of tools available in CQG IC," said Rod Giffen, Chief Operating Officer at CQG. "CQG QTrader includes the best of CQG packaged for a diverse user base."

CQG QTrader features some of CQG's most popular charting and analytics tools, including classic bar charts, TFlow® bars, line charts, candlestick charts, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), and Average True Range (ATR) studies. Traders can monitor the state of multiple conditions and study values for multiple chart types and intervals. CQG's Instrument Monitor makes it possible to view real-time market data and study values and view the status of conditions for an instrument in a single, comprehensive view.

CQG QTrader's order routing tools include:

  • Spreadsheet Trader: Customizable spreadsheet-based trading application that allows traders to track the state of a wide collection of markets using their favorite studies, conditions, and alerts.
  • Order Ticket: Integrated depth-of-market and order management interface that minimizes use of screen real estate.
  • DOMTrader®: Professional order-entry application that provides market transparency.Order Desk: Comprehensive desk-trader tool that attaches to any application, such as a quote board or a chart.
  • SnapTrader®: Innovative interface designed to provide one-click trading functionality and increase screen space.
  • Server-Side Aggregation: Automated and ultra-low-latency management of orders in aggregated markets.
  • Alert Trading: Notifications of when a specific price, time, study, or trend-line condition has been met.
  • Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid: Powerful trading applications that allow traders to define and monitor both synthetic and exchange-traded spreads and trade exchange-traded spreads.

More information about CQG QTrader is available at http://www.cqg.com/products/cqg-qtrader.